Ready for a quick & profitable exit from your SaaS?

If your B2B SaaS dominates a smaller niche market, turns a profit, shows signs of consistent growth, and your customers need it, we want to hear more.

What we look for
in a SaaS business

*We don’t invest in proof of concept or minimum viable products. But, if you’re innovative like that, we might have another opportunity for you. Reach out to us.

01Are you an honest,
kind human?

We have a no assholes rule because we plan to build a long-lasting relationship and preserve your legacy. So, we do business with pleasant, polite, respectful people that make the transaction process faster and more joyful.

*It’s (always) better to deal with an honest entrepreneur than an army of uber smart, fee-hungry lawyers and the middle men in between.

02Is your product

If your annual churn is less than 8%, customers tend to stick with you for at least 12-18 months, and your switching costs are demonstrable – you have a moat around your business. We like moats.

*We need to see your unique, unfair advantage. Show us your moat!

03Does your SaaS solve an acute, SMB problem?

Your product needs to solve an acute, niche problem for your SMB customers. And, it should be among the top 10 solutions in your corner of the market. You can either show us a market analysis or that your SaaS is featured on a reputable review website.

*We prefer to buy bootstrapped businesses not blocked by VC or angel funding (unless, of course, your VCs or angels want to take the exit).

04Does your business show consistent growth?

We’re looking for 2-4 years of 20-30% revenue growth year-over-year and an average MRR of at least $10K. Your growth should come primarily from strong distribution channels and/or organic, word-of-mouth referrals.

*Not every business needs to scale exponentially. We are not expecting 100x returns. Instead, let’s focus on the quality of your current growth – if all of your traffic comes from ads, we might pass.

05Is your tech stack maintainable?

If you have a well-documented codebase, well-maintained application system, and you’ve implemented basic analytics, we want to learn more. The richer documentation we have, the faster we can do our due diligence.

*In SaaS, future growth relies heavily on tech stack – we buy products we can maintain for the long-haul.

Now, are you interested in selling your business?

If your SaaS meets our criteria, we’re ready to provide you with a non-binding valuation and proposal within two working days.

  1.   First, we look at your revenue, historic growth, and customer retention.
  2.   Next, we send you an easy-to-understand confidential valuation and proposal.
  3.   When you’re ready to sell, we implement an exit that ensures your customers and team maintain the product and support quality they’ve come to expect.
  4.    After that, with your vision in mind, we carry out a long-term growth strategy.