We love niche B2B Saas businesses and we don't care if your product is in the limelight

We’re kind humans, passionate about boosting productivity and process automation for small and
medium businesses worldwide.

We don’t expect unlimited growth rates, infinite TAM, or over-hyped viral products. Instead, we’re
moved by businesses that dominate smaller niche markets, show consistent growth, and have the love
of their customers.

Meet our remote first & always crew

Our team understands the trials that bootstrapped business owners overcome and we want to keep exits enjoyable.

Dmitriy Dobrov


Luka Labrovic

VP Growth

Muhammad Awais

VP Finance

Ian Agustiawan
VP Technology

Between us, we speak 9 languages (not including Javascript, PHP, and Python)

Our crew of 12 & counting co-create across 8 timezones

Exit with ease and preserve the core
and soul of your business.

“I have confidence that my business will be looked after. The Brightmoat team focused on my customers with a clear game plan to tackle the competition. The migration process was organized and transfer of ownership moved quickly.

Leslie Alexander
Seller of EZCoordinator

Every SaaS exit should be quick & joyful

While goals keep you inspired, life is meant to be enjoyed in the here and now. At Brightmoat, we keep things simple so you can be the seller who walks away smiling.

  1. Request a clear SaaS valuation and proposal today
  2. Receive a confidential offer within
    two business days
  3. Sell your niche B2B SaaS in
    two to three weeks
  4. Walk away confidently knowing
    your flock is tended to